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Tax law is becoming increasingly complex with big fines for getting it wrong. Rest easy with Symmetry Accounting & Tax. We provide tailored advice which takes into consideration your individual needs and objectives to mitigate risks and provide you with tax certainty.

Tax Returns

In person consultation by appointment

Claim all deductions that you are entitled to

Our team is always across the latest issues and developments

Our fast turnaround times mean your tax return usually takes 7 to 10 working days to finalise with the ATO.

Your data is kept secure and private

Easy to afford prices at market rates


Tax Returns

Preparing your own income tax return can be confusing and often leaves you with more questions than answers. Tax law is becoming increasingly complex and with the penalties for getting it wrong more severe, it has never been more important to complete your tax return correctly. This, combined with the fact that the ATO is using data in your return to build a profile about you and benchmarking you against your industry peers means that it is important that your return is done correctly to avoid any unwanted knocks on the door.

Why Choose Us?

Taxation Advice & Planning

We have access to over 250 tax saving strategies covering employees, investors, and businesses.

Legally save tax.

Manage when and how you pay your tax to boost your cash-flow.

Position your business so it is in the best possible position when it comes to making future decisions.

Use the tax savings to improve your business.


Taxation Advice & Planning

Tax planning is the process used by individuals and businesses to structure their affairs to legally reduce their tax liability and make savings. This is achieved by a combination of changing behaviours and using deductions, exemptions, and structures to reduce tax payable. Partnering with Symmetry Accounting and tax, we will ensure that you are not paying more tax than is necessary and that your tax affairs are structured in the most tax-effective way.

Key Benefits

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