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New employee entitlement - Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave

The Fair Work Ombudsman has announced a new entitlement to Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave that will come into effect from 1 February 2023 for large employers (15 or more employees) and from 1 August 2023 for small employers (less than 15 employees).

The new entitlement will allow employees who are experiencing domestic violence to 10 days of paid Family and Domestic Violence leave each year. The type of situations that the leave can be taken include:

· Making arrangements for the employee’s safety, or the safety of a family member

· Attend court hearings

· Access police services

· Attend counselling services

· Attend appointments with medical, financial, or legal professionals.

The new leave category operates immediately from the time the employee is hired unlike other forms of leave that build up over time. The leave does not accumulate from year to year.

The leave can be taken at once or over time and applies to all employees including casual employees.

For full time employees, the rate of pay is calculated at the full rate for the hours the employee would have worked if they weren’t on leave. Casual employees will be paid at their full rate for the hours they were rostered to work in the period they took leave.



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