Self Managed Super Funds

A self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is a superannuation fund that is managed by you. An SMSF allows you to determine the investment strategy of the fund. It also provides greater flexibility in terms of investing the funds’ assets, retirement income options and estate planning. However, it comes with a raft of obligations and responsibilities that must be met to ensure your fund remains compliant.

Every year an SMSF is required to prepare a set of financial statements and have those accounts audited by an independent auditor. Compiling these accounts can be challenging as the accountant has to navigate around a complex set of rules and regulations which have become even more complex since the sweeping reforms that commenced on the 01/07/17. Fortunately, our team at Symmetry understands what is needed to ensure your accounts are prepared correctly so that your SMSF remains compliant.

Although this type of work is generally more challenging, we can offer you competitive rates. Please enquire for more information.


The cost to prepare annual financial statements for your SMSF including taxation return is $200 per hour plus GST. If required, an actuary report costs a minimum of $150 + GST for all funds except those with defined benefit pensions. Audit fees will be charged separately.